Website Design & Development


Website development packages are cost-effective and budget-friendly for Indian web development companies. Opting to outsource website development to India is a prudent choice to minimize the expenses associated with website development.

At Renowebtech, we comprehend the principles and attributes that contribute to creating an exceptional website. We avoid unnecessary experimentation and consistently strive to economize the cost of website development for our clients, ensuring they do not need to make hefty investments in website development packages. Additionally, we provide competitively priced website maintenance packages, enabling our clients to manage their websites with minimal financial commitment.

Basic Website

Start from $200 Onwards

Small business

Start from $350 Onwards

Businesses to expand online

Start from $500 Onwards

Website Maintenance

from $15 Per Hour

factors that affect the website development pricing

Various factors may impact the pricing of web development services, with differences in pricing structures among companies or freelancers. Common elements influencing web development costs include.

Project Complexity

The project’s complexity plays a crucial role in pricing determination. A straightforward website with minimal pages and basic features typically incurs lower costs, contrasting with a complex web application featuring advanced functionalities, integrations, databases, and custom requirements.

Project Development

In the dynamic landscape of project development, meticulous planning, efficient execution, and adaptability are paramount. From conceptualization to implementation, a well-structured development process is crucial for success. It involves defining clear objectives, identifying key stakeholders, allocating resources judiciously, and adhering to established timelines.

Project Launch

Launching a project involves navigating the intricacies of pricing, where complexity stands out as a pivotal determinant. A straightforward website, comprising minimal pages and basic features, typically incurs a lower cost. Conversely, a complex web application, enriched with advanced functionalities, integrations, databases, and bespoke requirements, commands a higher investment.